bubble of joy

How often have you woken up at the start of a new day, or set out for work, feeling open, joyful and full of life? – only to find hours later that someone or something has totally changed your mood.
Most of us tend to be influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by the moods and actions of others, or by a tense, negative environment. Sometimes we can be like a leaf in the wind – a victim to passing emotional currents.
Through it, we can create a joyful, nourishing inner climate that we can carry with us wherever we are. This climate also acts as a protective barrier to outside influences.
In these times of political unrest, social pressures and demands that are made of you (not to mention the demands you make of yourself), why not take a break inside?
For a few moments the whole mechanism stops. You are relaxed in yourself. You have touched your being, your center, and you feel you are at the source of well-being. A bliss fills you, a fragrance surrounds you. Suddenly you are not the same man you were.

To taoism, your physical needs have to be fulfilled first. Your body has to be in a deep contentment, a well-being. When the body is perfectly well, healthy, has a pleasure of its own, is like a beautifully humming car — no disturbance, no noise.
When the car is really beautifully humming and the mechanism has a rhythm to it, there is well-being. When your body is humming in a musical, harmonious way, when everything fits together, when there is nothing wrong and you are simply happy with the body, suddenly there is an upsurge of energy. You start seeking aesthetic objects: art, music, poetry, painting. Suddenly you become interested in Albinoni, Michelangelo, Mozart. Suddenly your taste starts growing for something beautiful.


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