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the gospel of thomas

July 23, 2005

One day it happened: There was a long fight between Nasruddin and his wife. And at the end, as it always happens, Nasruddin thought he would surrender. It is difficult to fight with a woman. She has to win, otherwise she will create such trouble that it is not worthwhile, the victory is not worthwhile. So Nasruddin thought, “Why waste three or four whole days? And then one has to surrender anyway, so why not surrender now?” So he said. “Okay, I agree with you.”
His wife said, “Now it won’t help — I have changed my mind.”
And those who are in search of God have always been afraid because with women you are never certain. And it is not better to make them fellow-travelers — they will create trouble, and the trouble is multidimensional. Their behavior is illogical, their mind is unpredictable. And not only that, there is also always a deep possibility of falling in love, a deep possibility of being attracted to them, a deep possibility of sex entering. And once sex enters the whole path is missed, because now you are moving in another direction. Monks, seekers, have always been afraid; their fear is understandable. And this man Simon Peter was giving the direction for the coming centuries, that the purity of religion would be lost, the rationality would be lost…. So he said: LET MARY GO OUT FROM AMONG US… and Mary was no ordinary woman — the mother of Christ! Even that could not be allowed… BECAUSE WOMEN ARE NOT WORTHY OF THE LIFE. What life? The life that they were seeking, the eternal life. Now try to understand why women are not capable of that life. The whole focus of the woman is natural, she lives in nature, she is more natural than man. In India, they have called her prakriti, the very nature, the earth, the base of all nature. She is more natural; her tendencies, her goals, are more natural. She never asks for the impossible, she asks for what is possible. Man has something in him which always seeks the impossible, it is never satisfied with the possible — just becoming a satisfied husband is nothing. A woman will be happy if she can be just a deeply contented wife, a mother; then her life is fulfilled. Biologists say there is a reason: in man there is an imbalance physiologically, a hormonal imbalance; woman is more complete, she is like a circle, balanced. They say that the first cell from which you come decides whether you will be a male or a female. Twenty-three chromosomes are given by the mother and twenty-three chromosomes are given by the father. If the twenty-three from the mother and the twenty-three from the father make twenty-three symmetrical pairs, then there is a deep balance: a girl will be born. They balance, they make a symmetry, so a girl will be born. But the father has an odd pair of chromosomes which is balanced in the mother. If a cell containing the twenty-three incomplete chromosomes moves and meets the mother egg, then a male will be born, a boy will be born, because there will be an imbalance.


It is no longer science fiction

July 17, 2005

A few years ago a strange thing happened which scientists have not been able to explain. If it goes on happening again and again, perhaps they will have to remove all the robots. In one factory, for no reason at all … and it is not expected of robots, because they are completely planned from the very beginning. They cannot do other than what they are built for. They have an inbuilt program that directs them. But without any inbuilt program, a few robots in one factory simply killed six men. All they have to do is to give a good hug and the man is gone, because these are steel people. They look like human beings, but they are made of steel. And they were not programmed for it. How did they come to figure out that hugging was needed? One therapist in New York runs a hugging therapy, where the whole work is to hug each other, and go on hugging till you get tired and fed up. Then you will never think of hugging anybody again in your life. He is a little crazy, but he finds crazy clients who pay him just to do this stupid act of hugging each other until they are tired and finished, and many feel that they have been helped immensely; they have been cured of their desire to hug. In New York everything is possible. But suddenly these robots learned the hugging therapy and the poor human beings who were just passing by … they picked them up, hugged them, finished them. The scientists who created those robots are simply shocked. It is a very difficult problem. If these people start doing things on their own, they can do anything. They can create havoc in society, they can run in the streets, they can stop cars. They can do anything. If they can hug, everything is possible. It is good they did not kiss. But they could do. And the people who write science fiction have already written that in the twenty-first century men will be slowly, slowly replaced by mechanical men, by robots — because they will never die. There is no way for them to die for the simple reason that all their parts are replaceable. If a hand goes wrong, it can be replaced; if their heart no longer functions, it can be replaced. They can be plugged into the electricity or they can be fitted with a battery, and they will look just like you. They can be taught to speak any language. Everything can be built-in in their heads, in their computers. What science fiction says has every possibility of happening. Then you will not know whether you are falling in love with a real man or a robot. You will know only when the robot suddenly runs out of battery power. Then only you will know: My God, this is a robot! But call the technician and he will fix the battery and he will again be talking all sweet things to you, sweet nothings, “I love you.” He just has to be programmed. And he can be programmed with the good dialogues from all the films, and songs to sing; he can dance, he can sing. Just keep aware that his battery is intact. It is no longer science fiction. In Japan it is already happening. There is so much false in you that if you become aware of it, you will come to a great revelation.

We accept the totality as it is

July 16, 2005

Life is not a problem, it is a mystery. A problem can be solved, a mystery is insolvable. A problem has to be tackled through logic and the mind, a mystery has to be encountered through love and the heart. When you solve a problem you feel you have conquered a part of existence. It makes you more egoistic; hence the modern ego. It is too much, it has become a heavy rock. Everybody is carrying it and it is becoming more and more heavy every day because science goes on giving you solutions to problems and indirectly goes on suggesting to you that sooner or later we will have solved all the problems. Then there is no Tao; if there is no mystery, there is no Tao. Tao is another name for the mysterious and the miraculous. But to approach life through logic means reducing every mystery to a problem. Logic reduces every mystery to a problem because it can only tackle problems, that is its expertise. But life is not a problem at all. It is a mystery to be loved, to be lived, to be sung, to be celebrated. Taoism is not of the head, it is of the heart. It is not science, it is religion, it is mysticism, pure mysticism. Science demystifies life, sannyas re-mystifies it. It will take all solutions away from you and it will make you aware of many more mysteries that you are unaware of, mysteries which are going to remain mysteries forever. But once your heart has known how to dance with mysteries without creating problems your life becomes a continuous joy, a tremendous ecstasy. One has to be two things: at the center, bliss, at the circumference, love; inside, bliss, outside, love. Love is the outside of bliss; bliss is the inside of love. Hence bliss can happen when you are alone, but love needs sharing, love needs togetherness. The whole past history of humanity is the history of a long failure, an exercise in utter futility, and this has been the reason, because we tried to do the impossible. Either we wanted to save the outside, so people tried to be loving…. But how can you be loving if you are not blissful? And how can you be unloving if you are blissful? They both happen simultaneously. So in meditation be alone and enjoy your aloneness, but don’t become shut up within yourself. Don’t become an introvert; that is pathological. Keep your doors and windows open so that the sun can come in and the rain and the wind. And don’t become a prisoner of your aloneness; come out of it sometimes, dancing, singing. Love people, relate with people. Both are not opposites but complementaries, and both help each other. The more you love, the more blissful you become; the more blissful you are, the more you can love. So taoists are not monks. Taoists are neither worldly not otherworldly because they don’t divide: it is one universe, one solid universe. And we don’t divide it into the material and the spiritual, into the lower and the higher, the mundane and the sacred; we simply don’t divide. We accept the totality as it is and we try to live it in totality.

there is no other life

July 1, 2005

Among the first things that a Jewish boy learns is the biblical injunction: “Honor thy father and mother — or else!”
Herschel, aged six, was reminded of the admonition the day his father came home and announced that he had decided to buy a car, the first his family had ever owned.
The father was in high spirits. “Imagine, we are in this country only a few years and soon we will own a new car,” he said proudly. “I can just see us riding around in Central Park. In the front I am steering, and sitting next to me is Mamma, and in the back is our little Herschel.”
Mamma nodded, smiling her approval. “So, when are you planning to buy the car?” she asked.
“In two weeks, a month maybe — no later.”
The pleasant interlude was suddenly shattered by Herschel’s mournful cry, “I don’t wanna sit in the back! I wanna sit in the front and help steer!”
“Only one steerer we need in this family,” the father reminded his son. “In the front sits Mamma, in the back sits you.”
“If I have to sit in the back I will bang my head on the wall, you will see!” wailed Herschel. He ran to the wall and assumed a threatening pose, ready to give action to his words. “Mamma is sitting in the back, I am sitting in the front!”
“No, Herschel, you are in the back,” said the father sternly.
“In the front, not in the back!” Herschel’s voice rose in a sudden screech. “I ain’t gonna sit in the back!”
Father, his manner grim, extended his arm and pointed a commanding finger. “Herschel,” he said coldly, “get out of my car!”
People go on living in the future!
And the same is the case with your paradise, just like the car. The same is the case with your nirvana, your enlightenment — the same as with the car.
It is only the mediocre mind that becomes psychologically obsessed with the future. But the society destroys everybody’s intelligence and makes everybody mediocre. The society does not want you to be really intelligent; it is afraid of intelligence. Intelligent people are dangerous people. They are radicals, they are revolutionaries; they are always sabotaging the status quo. The society wants you to remain mediocre, stupid. It wants you certainly to be efficient, mechanically. It wants you to accumulate as much information as possible, but it does not want you to be really intelligent because if you are intelligent you will not care for the future. You will live IN the present and FOR the present, because there is no other life.