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after his death it became tremendously important

April 15, 2006

It was undecided about Kabir, whether he was a Hindu or a Mohammedan. This created a great problem. He had Hindu disciples, he had Mohammedan disciples. And they were constantly quarreling about who he was. Whenever Kabir was asked, he simply laughed. He said, “I am myself! What have I to do with Hinduism or Mohammedanism? I am perfectly happy being myself.” So he never answered; the question remained. And after his death it became tremendously important, because Mohammedans put the body in the grave, and Hindus put the body on the funeral pyre. Now, what has to be done? Both sides were standing face to face, to fight, to kill each other! And the problem had arisen from the very beginning because his name, Kabir, is a Mohammedan name. It means God in Mohammedanism, God has one hundred names. Ninety-nine names can be pronounced, the hundredth one remains unpronounced. Amongst the ninety-nine, one is Kabir, so as far as the name was concerned he was certainly a Mohammedan. But it seems that his parents, for some reason of their own perhaps he was an illegitimate child, although no child can be illegitimate; only parents can be illegitimate had left the child on the steps of the Ganges. And a very great Hindu saint, Ramananda, came early in the morning… it was still dark, and the child must have been not more than two years of age. As Ramananda was returning after his bath the child caught hold of Ramananda’s feet as Ramananda passed by him, he caught his feet. Ramananda thought, in the darkness, that some disciple is touching his feet so he said, “God bless you.” Hearing no answer he looked closely: there was a small child sitting. But Ramananda has accepted him as a disciple, and being a man of his promise and word, he took him home. His disciples were very angry. They said, “What have you done? Because in the first place the child is certainly illegitimate; otherwise who is going to leave such a beautiful child in this cold winter night on the steps near the Ganges?” And on his hand was written in Arabic his name, Kabir. “So first he is illegitimate, and second he is Mohammedan!” Ramananda said, “It does not matter. Whoever he is, he has received my blessings. I have initiated him, he has touched my feet. I cannot deny him. He is going to live with me. It doesn’t matter whether he is Hindu or Mohammedan. He is simply a child, he does not know anything of who he is.” It became such an uproar that many disciples of Ramananda left him, saying, “This is absolutely against Hindu tradition. He is not following the tradition and he is allowing a Mohammedan in the house not only allowing, but he will bring him up!” But Ramananda was a very courageous man. If he had been an ordinary Hindu saint, he would not have risked his respectability. So many disciples leaving him, so many condemning him, that “He is supporting illegitimate children. By his act he is not saying that illegitimate children are to be denounced so that nobody ever attempts it again.” Ramananda listened to all the condemnation, and brought up Kabir. He never asked Kabir, “What is your religion?” In fact, a man of religion cannot ask another man of religion, “What is your religion?” Because religion is not something like an educational degree…”Are you a matriculate, or are you a bachelor, or a post-graduate?” Religion is a quality. And Ramananda could see in this child more religiousness than in any of his disciples. It was enough for him that Kabir was truthful, that he was sincere, that he was meditative, that he was continuously making every effort to know himself. There are memoirs of people who have seen Kabir growing under the shadow of Ramananda, saying that even as a small child he looked like a buddha so silent, so peaceful, one could not believe that he was a child. He never did anything childish. Soon people started even asking him questions, touching his feet. Even in the presence of Ramananda, Kabir became a famous saint and he was a young man. He told Ramananda, “I feel very much in a difficulty because people who should go to you, come to me.” Ramananda said, “Don’t be worried, you have all my blessings. In fact people who come to me, I send them to you! You are far more fresh. You are not conditioned by any religion, you are not conditioned by any parents, any tradition, any church. You are far more pure. I am proud of having a man like you as my disciple.” Ramananda never listened to those who said that, “At least it should be decided to what religion he belongs. It is creating confusion.” Ramananda died; he never said anything about it. He simply said, “He is a religious person and I cannot say anything more about him.”


You are not going to gain anything from it

April 10, 2006

:idea:From the very childhood every child has to be made aware of all possibilities of love, sex, and all deviations, perversions. Then there will be no sexual abuse of children.
And if everybody is aware of the reality, there is not going to be any rape. There is no need, the man can simply ask the woman. It is far more cultured and human. If the woman has the desire, no rape is happening. And if the woman hasn’t, then it is just human to leave her. Let her find her man, you start finding your woman.
There are so many women and so many men that it is a very rare possibility you will not get a woman. So why commit something like rape? You are not going to gain anything from it. In fact, you will feel guilty, you have done something inhuman. You have trespassed somebody’s territory.
Be aware without judgment and what you are doing is just the opposite. You are trying to judge a situation. Of course you want to judge it as good — it is not possible.
There are bad things, there are good things; there is no need to force yourself to accept a bad thing as good. But the man of awareness has a different perception. Perhaps something that you think in your unawareness is bad may turn out to be good, or vice versa.
But the man of awareness is not in search of judgments, condemnation, appraisal. He is simply witnessing, with clarity. His clarity tells him what is right, without any effort — your hard effort is not needed. It is the easiest thing for the man of awareness to know what is right and what is wrong. And also he will be able to see why something wrong goes on happening.
There must be roots somewhere in the culture, in the society, in the world, that poisonous flowers go on flowering. And somebody must be taking care of those plants, watering them.
Your priests are doing it, your politicians are doing it, your psychoanalysts are doing it, your professors are doing it — because these people live on your misery. They live on your being somewhere wrong. If you are perfectly right, they are useless.
Taoistic therapy is just to destroy all that has made man miserable, split, schizophrenic, insane, sick. But once this therapy has destroyed all this poison in the world, then there is no future for therapy. It has done its work and there is no need for it to exist anymore. That has to be understood very clearly, because once you start doing something, it becomes your vested interest. Then on the one hand you go on doing what you are supposed to do, destroying sickness — and on the other hand you go on creating it, because without it you will be nobody.