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I am not able to go to the circus

July 26, 2006

A circus was touring Ireland and one of the acrobats, being a Catholic, went to confession at this little village church. As the confession finished the priest said, “I don’t know you, do I? You will be a stranger here?” “Yes, father,” he said. “I’m an acrobat with the circus.” “Ah, is that a fact now?” said the priest. “I have always been interested in acrobatics. Of course, being a man of the cloth I am not able to go to the circus, but I would be much obliged if you would give me a little show.” “What — here and now?” asked the acrobat. “Yes, go on,” said the priest, “there’s no one about.” And so the acrobat began doing his cartwheels and flip-flaps and standing somersaults, right there in the side-aisle of the church. They had not seen a little old biddy at the back. She watched the goings on for a minute, then rushed out and said to her friend, “Ah, Bridie, you’d better get home and put some clean drawers on! You should see what kind of penance the old fool is dishing out now!”
Whatsoever you say, unless you have participated and seen things from the inside, will be wrong. Don’t remain a spectator. This earth is a place to be experienced. This life is not a physical phenomenon that is happening here. You cannot simply look at it and take a few pictures and go home and put those pictures in the album. You will miss the soul of it. It has to be recorded in the innermost core of your being. Become a participant. Don’t remain an outsider. Then too, you will say, “This is crazy”, but then the meaning of the word ‘crazy’ will have utterly changed.
A jazz musician who’d never entered a church in his life found himself passing a little country church just as a service was about to begin. Out of curiosity he decided to go in and see what it was all about. After the service, he approached the rector and said, “Say Rev, you just about knocked me out with the good words. Like I really dug it the most, man. Jeez, baby, it really blew my mind. It was wild, ya dig?” The rector was flattered but said, “Well, thank you. Most gratifying, I’m sure. However, I wish you wouldn’t use those common expressions at the portals of a holy edifice.” But the musician went on, “And I’ll tell you somethin’ else, Rev — when the cat came round with the bread plate I was so high with the whole scene that I came across with a fiver!” “Crazy, baby, crazy!” said the rector.


continue and endure

July 25, 2006

The sage has no invariable mind of his own; he makes the mind of the people his mind. To those who are good (to me), I am good; and to those who are not good (to me), I am also good; and thus (all) get to be good. To those who are sincere (with me), I am sincere; and to those who are not sincere (with me), I am also sincere; and thus (all) get to be sincere. The sage has in the world an appearance of indecision, and keeps his mind in a state of indifference to all. The people all keep their eyes and ears directed to him, and he deals with them all as his children. Heaven is long-enduring and earth continues long. The reason why heaven and earth are able to endure and continue thus long is because they do not live of, or for, themselves. This is how they are able to continue and endure. Therefore the sage puts his own person last, and yet it is found in the foremost place; he treats his person as if it were foreign to him, and yet that person is preserved. Is it not because he has no personal and private ends, that therefore such ends are realised? The highest excellence is like (that of) water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving (to the contrary), the low place which all men dislike. Hence (its way) is near to (that of) the Tao. The excellence of a residence is in (the suitability of) the place; that of the mind is in abysmal stillness; that of associations is in their being with the virtuous; that of government is in its securing good order; that of (the conduct of) affairs is in its ability; and that of (the initiation of) any movement is in its timeliness. And when (one with the highest excellence) does not wrangle (about his low position), no one finds fault with him. For regulating the human (in our constitution) and rendering the (proper) service to the heavenly, there is nothing like moderation. It is only by this moderation that there is effected an early return (to man’s normal state). That early return is what I call the repeated accumulation of the attributes (of the Tao). With that repeated accumulation of those attributes, there comes the subjugation (of every obstacle to such return). Of this subjugation we know not what shall be the limit; and when one knows not what the limit shall be, he may be the ruler of a state. He who possesses the mother of the state may continue long. His case is like that (of the plant) of which we say that its roots are deep and its flower stalks firm: this is the way to secure that its enduring life shall long be seen.

crackpots have been telling people

July 17, 2006

The poor are the least discontented people. It is shocking. They cannot manage even one meal a day; sometimes they have just to drink water and go to sleep. Why are they drinking so much water? Just so that the stomach feels full. Food is not available.
But these people do not feeling despair — they should. They don’t think life is meaningless — they should. They don’t raise a question about God — they should. But poor people are not discontented. They have accepted poverty as fate, as something God-given. And crackpots like Jesus have been telling people, “Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.” So it is only a question of a few days more, or a few years. The kingdom of God is not far away.
And they have a certain joy imagining that they will be in paradise enjoying everything possible — beautiful women, rivers of wine — and the rich people will be suffering in hellfire. They will be able to look from above at what is happening to Henry Ford and Rockefeller and the Kennedys. They still believe this. In India, for five thousand years there has been no revolution. People have taken suffering as something natural, to be taken for granted.
Why did it happen on the continent of Europe that existentialism became the most important philosophical movement? For the simple reason that Europe was affluent, rich. And when you are rich, affluent, when you have all that you want, paradise means nothing to you. What can paradise give to you which Paris cannot give? And when they had all that a man can desire, they suddenly became aware — even if all these things are given, something is still missing: the meaning. They have everything, but that black hole of anguish inside them is not diminished; it has really become clearer in contrast to all the riches and all the comforts and all the luxuries. Now they can see that nothing can help. A tremendous helplessness — that is anguish. An ultimate hopelessness — that is despair. But these people are not really existentialist. They are just reacting against the whole past, which had great hope of great things. Now they have managed through science every great thing which for centuries man has been hoping, and it has not given them any contentment. It has not fulfilled them. They are poorer than the poor. The poor at least have hope; they don’t even have hope.

there is no heart but only the head

July 16, 2006

The ways of the head are controllable, manipulatable. Hence the society is interested in your head, not in your heart. The society wants you to understand that there is no heart but only the head. The heart is nothing but a blood-pumping system; that’s what the society wants you to believe. This is one of the greatest untruths ever told. By ‘heart’ is not meant the physical part. The physical part is simply a blood circulation system, but hidden behind the physical, just corresponding to it, very close to it, behind it, is the real heart. Just as hidden behind the brain is mind, so hidden behind the lungs is the heart, hidden behind the body is the soul. Don’t be finished with the physical. Always remember: corresponding to each physical phenomenon in you there is a spiritual phenomenon. Love has the depth of darkness, the density of darkness. Love grows in mysterious ways not in the light, because light makes everything demystified. Love is darker than anything else. It is a dark, dense, mysterious world. And if you are afraid of the dark, you will be afraid of love too. If you are afraid of the night, you will be afraid of love too. If you are afraid of the dark, the night, death, love, then you are afraid of all that is mysterious — then you have to exist only on the surface, then you will never be able to penetrate to the centre of being.
When you don’t know, in that not knowing what happens? The most beautiful phenomenon…. The greatest ecstasy happens when you don’t know — there is a silence when you don’t know. Someone asks a question and you don’t know. Life is a riddle, and you don’t know. Everywhere is mystery and you are standing there not knowing, wondering. When you don’t know there is wonder, and wonder is the most religious quality. The deepest religious quality is wonder. Only a child can wonder. A man who knows cannot wonder, and without wonder no one has ever reached the divine. It is the wondering heart to which everything is a mystery…a butterfly is a mystery; a seed sprouting is a mystery. And remember, nothing has been solved: all your science has done is nothing. The seed sprouting is still a mystery and it is going to remain a mystery. Even if science can create the seed, the sprouting will remain a mystery. A child is born; it is a mystery that is born. Even if the child can be produced in a test-tube, it makes no difference. The mystery remains the same.

wenn sie die Kinder reingelassen hätten

July 10, 2006

Bek-Black Eyed Kids sehen angeblich aus wie ganz “normale” 10-14jährige. Die Haut schimmert oliv und sie haben schwarze Augen!! Keine Pupille, keine Iris!! Einfach nur schwarz!! Die wenigen Leute, die dieses Phänomen erlebt haben, berichten von nervösen Kindern, die in deren Autos oder Haus wollen. Immerzu würden sie “Lasst uns rein, wir tun euch nichts” sagen. Doch die Leute berichten von einem ungewöhnlichen Geruch. Zudem hatten sie ein ungutes Gefühl und waren der Überzeugung, wenn sie die Kinder reingelassen hätten, wären sie getötet worden……… Diese düstere Legende sollte die Jugend davon abhalten, Autostopper mitzunehmen! So was passiert immer nur Bekannten von Bekannten, dessen Neffen vom Bruder des Schwagers usw. Es gibt auch düstere Legenden, die einen wahren Kern haben. Eine Person soll sie angeblich gesehen haben. Da sie alleine war, konnte man ihr keinen Glauben schenken…. Aliens als Kinder getarnt?
Sie haben aber wohl nur eine sehr dunkle Iris und nicht komplett schwarze Augen, aber man kann die Pupillen nicht mehr erkennen. Das Weiße ist aber noch da. Mal wieder eine klassische urbane Legende. Was soll es denn auch sonst sein? Alien-Mensch-Hybriden würden wohl kaum versuchen, in ein Auto zu kommen. Ausserirdische ziehen die Leute, die sie entführen wollen, doch einfach per Lichtstrahl in ihr Schiff. Ein paar Dämonen hätten wohl ebenfalls Besseres zu tun. Vampire können ja angeblich nur in ein Zimmer, wenn man sie hereinbittet. Also eine Truppe kleiner Vampire auf Abwegen oder schlicht eine Legende… Wieso geht der Typ, der den Bericht geschrieben hat, gleich davon aus, dass ihn diese Jungs killen wollten? Selbst wenn es Außerirdische gewesen wären und die Story wirklich so passiert ist, wieso gehen alle immer davon aus, dass uns die “bösen Aliens” alle töten werden? Erinnert echt an die “men in black” aus den mothman prophecies… Schwarzhaarige komische Menschen mit olivfarbener Haut. Eine mystery story ohne Hintergrund. Vielleicht waren die Augen gar nicht schwarz. Das ist ja auch vom Lichteinfall/Lichtverhältnissen abhängig. Vielleicht haben sich da ein paar Zwerge einen Spaß erlaubt und sich schwarze Kontaktlinsen reingemacht, um Leute zu erschrecken. Die Leute, die erschreckt wurden, haben das Freunden erzählt und die Freunde ihren Freunden und jeder hat die Geschichte noch etwas weiter ausgeschmückt und so wurde daraus eine finstere Legende oder eine unheimliche Geschichte. Das ist doch ein Fake. Kinder mit schwarzen Augen, die nichts anderes im Kopf haben als töten. Möglicherweise haben die Kids auch nur die eine oder andere Pille zuviel geschluckt. Pupillen weiten sich bei Drogeneinfluss stark, was den Eindruck von schwarzen Augen stark erhöhen kann…

tremendous beauty

July 7, 2006

Who made the Ajanta caves? — the Ellora caves? Who made the Khajuraho temples? Who made the Konarak temples? There is no way to find out. The people, who made such tremendous beauty, incomparable, were not concerned at all to leave even a single trace behind. They enjoyed making it, of course, but that was all. It was not an obsession. If you go to the Ajanta caves, which are Buddhist caves, where for thousands of years Buddhist monks must have been working…. Many caves are incomplete. Somebody said, “Perhaps the artist died.” There were so many other artists — there must have been thousands of artists for so many caves; each cave must have needed hundreds of artists to make it — couldn’t they complete even a Buddha? Just the body is there, the head was just being started. This looks a little disrespectful to Buddha. You should complete it. And they say, “Nobody knows who made them. Nobody knows why they stopped in the middle.” This whole thing was just a big game. The person who was making it was not obsessed, otherwise he would have completed it. If he was dying, he would have taken a promise from a friend to complete it. The obsessive man is a perfectionist. He will not leave anything incomplete, he will make it entire; he will not rest till it is complete. But to a religious man…. They played as long as they enjoyed it. The moment they felt it was time to stop this game, they stopped the game. And because they stopped the game, no other artist — they were all religious people — would interfere with it. Anybody could have completed it; just a little work was needed and it could have been completed. It was almost complete, but nobody interfered with it because that was trespassing. If that man wanted his Buddha to remain this way, it was his business. And that man may have started something else, because it was all play. A religious man can create playfully but cannot be serious. Seriousness is part of obsession. For example, Karl Marx is the ideal obsessive man. His whole life he spent in the British Museum library. He had no actual experience of poverty; he had never been part of the proletariat, the labourers for whom he was going to be the messiah. He had not a single friend who was a labourer. He had only one friend, who was a capitalist, Friedrich Engels. And he had to be friendly towards Engels because who was going to feed him? His obsession was to create the whole philosophy of communism, in its entirety, so there would be no need for anybody else to add anything.

Life is always fearless

July 5, 2006

Mullah Nasruddin went to listen to a great musician, who was just beginning. In the beginning in Indian music, you do aalap. Aalap means he tries to refine all the basic sounds. So he goes on, “Ah-h-h, ah-h-h.” That is, he is refining the sound “ah.” Hence, it is called aalap. He will refine all the sounds; it takes time. And when he is satisfied that now he is ready, then the music begins. But it takes thirty or forty minutes for him. And as he started his aalap, “Ah-h-h, ah-h-h, ah-h,” Mullah Nasruddin started crying. Tears were in his eyes. His friend who had brought him said, “Nasruddin, I never thought that you were such a lover of music. It is just aalap and you are full of tears.” He said, “You don’t understand. This man is going to die. It is not aalap; this is what happened to my goat! `Ah-h-h, ah-h-h, ah-h-h.’ And she died in the middle of the night! You do something to prevent this man. “If music brings death, it is better to prevent him. This is not music. I know perfectly well. It has happened in my own house. I have lost one of my best goats.”
But when the musician comes and takes the jump into the world of sound and soundlessness… Music consists of both sound and soundlessness; the better the music, the more it will be full of soundlessness; the better the music, the more the sound simply leads you into silence. That is the criterion of authentic music, that it leads you into silence. Music is just a mirror. If you are mad, the madman is reflected. If you are enlightened, then the enlightened man is reflected. This whole world that we have created is insane, and they all are throwing their insanity in worse ways than you are doing. They are beating living people. They are raping living women. They are murdering, they are doing all kinds of crimes around the world. And in spite of all the police, all the courts, all the magistrates, all the laws, the crime goes on growing. It has become almost a way of life for millions of people. A fragile candle with a small flame is enough to destroy all the darkness in the house. The darkness has no power. Life is always fearless. And when you work totally, intensely, it is not tiring; it is nourishing; it makes you stronger. What makes people weak is not the work, it is the boredom that sucks their blood. But if you are working with joy and song and dance, and if your work has become worship, it is not going to tire you. It is going to make you stronger. It is going to give you more energy to share and more love to share. Taoists don’t have God, they don’t have any dogma, and they don’t have any heaven and hell. And because they are free of all this nonsense, their whole energy is concentrated on creating the paradise here now.