I am not able to go to the circus

A circus was touring Ireland and one of the acrobats, being a Catholic, went to confession at this little village church. As the confession finished the priest said, “I don’t know you, do I? You will be a stranger here?” “Yes, father,” he said. “I’m an acrobat with the circus.” “Ah, is that a fact now?” said the priest. “I have always been interested in acrobatics. Of course, being a man of the cloth I am not able to go to the circus, but I would be much obliged if you would give me a little show.” “What — here and now?” asked the acrobat. “Yes, go on,” said the priest, “there’s no one about.” And so the acrobat began doing his cartwheels and flip-flaps and standing somersaults, right there in the side-aisle of the church. They had not seen a little old biddy at the back. She watched the goings on for a minute, then rushed out and said to her friend, “Ah, Bridie, you’d better get home and put some clean drawers on! You should see what kind of penance the old fool is dishing out now!”
Whatsoever you say, unless you have participated and seen things from the inside, will be wrong. Don’t remain a spectator. This earth is a place to be experienced. This life is not a physical phenomenon that is happening here. You cannot simply look at it and take a few pictures and go home and put those pictures in the album. You will miss the soul of it. It has to be recorded in the innermost core of your being. Become a participant. Don’t remain an outsider. Then too, you will say, “This is crazy”, but then the meaning of the word ‘crazy’ will have utterly changed.
A jazz musician who’d never entered a church in his life found himself passing a little country church just as a service was about to begin. Out of curiosity he decided to go in and see what it was all about. After the service, he approached the rector and said, “Say Rev, you just about knocked me out with the good words. Like I really dug it the most, man. Jeez, baby, it really blew my mind. It was wild, ya dig?” The rector was flattered but said, “Well, thank you. Most gratifying, I’m sure. However, I wish you wouldn’t use those common expressions at the portals of a holy edifice.” But the musician went on, “And I’ll tell you somethin’ else, Rev — when the cat came round with the bread plate I was so high with the whole scene that I came across with a fiver!” “Crazy, baby, crazy!” said the rector.


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