it is very far also

The truth is near. In fact, to say it is near is wrong because you are also truth. Even nearness seems to be very, very far; even nearness shows that there is a distinction, a distance, a gap. Even that gap is not there: you are it! Says the Upanishad, “Thou art that: tattwam asi Swetaketu.” You are already that: even that much distance is not there to say that it is close. Heraclitus and Zen they want you to take the jump immediately — not wait. Patanjali says it is very far. He is also right: it is very far also. And he will appeal you more, because if it is so close and you have not attained it, you will feel very, very depressed. If it is so close, just by the side of the corner, just standing by the side of you, if it is the only neighbour, and from everywhere it surrounds you and you have not achieved, your ego will feel very very frustrated. Such a great man like you and it is so near and you are missing? That seems very frustrating. But if it is very far, then everything is okay because time is needed, effort is needed — nothing is wrong with you, he is so far away. Distance is such a vast thing. You will take time, you will go, you will move, and one day you will achieve. If it is near, then you will feel guilty. Then why you are not achieving it? Reading Heraclitus and Basho and Buddha, one feels uncomfortable. Never that happens with Patanjali. One feels at ease. Look at the paradox of the mind. With the easiest of people one feels uncomfortable. Uncomfort comes from you. To move with Heraclitus or Jesus is very uncomfortable because they go on insisting that the kingdom of God is within you, and you know that nothing exists except hell within you. And they insist the kingdom of God is within you; it becomes uncomfortable. If the kingdom of God is within you, the something is wrong with you. Why you cannot see it? And if it is so present, why not it can happen right this moment? That is the message of Zen — that it is immediate. There is no need to wait, no need to waste time. It can happen right now, this very moment. There is no excuse. This makes uncomfortable; you feel uncomfortable, you cannot find any excuse. With Patanjali millions of excuses you can find, that he is very far. Millions of lives effort is needed. Yes, it can be attained, but always in the future. You are at ease. There is no urgency about it, and you can be as you are right now. Tomorrow morning you will start moving on the path, and the tomorrow never comes. Patanjali gives you space, future. He says, “do this and that and that, and by and by you will reach — some day, nobody knows — in some future life.” You are at ease, no urgency. You can be as you are; there is no hurry. These Zen people, they drive you crazy.


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