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very few people understood

December 19, 2006

Im September 2005 ist es einem Touristen gelungen, am Machu Picchu in Peru, ein scheibenförmiges Objekt zu fotografieren. Der Zeuge gibt an, dass es ein wunderschöner Morgen im September des letzten Jahres war, an dem er das Foto gemacht hat. Keine Wolke war am Himmel zu sehen und der Zeuge machte einige Aufnahmen der Landschaft mit seiner Sony Cybershot-Kamera. Zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme, so gibt der Zeuge an, hat er das fliegende Objekt aber nicht bemerkt, sondern erst, als er die Fotos sich später angesehen hat. Bei näherer Betrachtung sieht man auf dem Foto ein silbernes oder metallisches Objekt in der Mitte des Bildes. Der Zeuge selbst ist der Meinung, dass sich die Sonne auf der Hülle des Objektes spiegelt. Das Bild wurde gegen neun Uhr am Morgen gemacht und die Sonne stieg immer noch am Himmel auf. Der Mann erklärt weiter, dass er sechs Monate in Südamerika auf Reisen war und er einige erstaunliche und unerklärliche Dinge im Himmel, über den Anden und besonders über dem Uyuni-Salzsee in Bolivien, gesehen hat. Der Uyuni-Salzsee ist einer der größten Salzseen der Welt und liegt in 3.653 Meter Höhe auf der Altiplano-Hochebene, zwischen Bolivien und Peru. Seit Jahren ist der südamerikanische Kontinent für seine Sichtungen von unbekannten Flugobjekten bekannt.
Ours is such a mind which remains in search of another. Such a mind journeys downwards. Its violence goes on increasing. Such a mind will assume many forms, it will have thousands of faces, it will have thousands of ways, it will suppress others, harass them, torture them. There can be very subtle and cunning ways and methods of torturing such as, a father can torture his son, a son can do so to his father, a mother can torture her son and the son can torture his mother. Psychologists say humanity has been doing this since long; it has been torturing one another, but we do not have any idea of it. This will continue to be so, so long as man is not pleased with his own self, so long as he is not ready to live with his own self; his journey begins with his own self. It leaves the outside and enters within because the other is always the outer, the other is always the without. He will certainly be out. As long as the search continues for the other, he (the other) will always be out, even though that ‘other’ be a wife, or a beloved, or a lover or even God. If anyone looks even at God as some other person then violence will continue and in that action there cannot be freedom from violence. That is why Mahavira rejected ‘God of the outside’ because he thought ‘if God is the other’; there would be a way for violence. So very few people understood why Mahavira rejected God. The ignorant thought Mahavira was an atheist; they thought Mahavira said so because God is perhaps non-existent.


because there is no God you have to live without

December 15, 2006

Before existence moves and things change, you have to merge yourself with the truth you have been seeking so long. And the miracle of miracles is that what you will find is your own being. It has always been at the innermost core of your existence, but sometimes it takes a very long, circuitous route to come back to your own home.
When Ford made his cars, his first model had no reverse gear; nobody had thought about it. But a problem arose: if you had gone a few feet away from your house and you wanted to come back, you had to go around the whole city. This was too much; Ford invented the reverse gear.
If there had been a God, by now he would have given you also a reverse gear. But because there is no God you have to live without a reverse gear. You have just to go on and on… even to reach to yourself you may have to travel the whole universe. But the journey too is immensely beautiful. It is good that you don’t have a reverse gear; otherwise you would have missed the glories, the beauties of the journey. Many people are missing them.
When you go by aeroplane from one country to another you don’t know what you have missed. Going by plane is not a journey — it is a kangaroo jump.
Remember, perhaps that’s why nature has not given you a reverse gear. You will have to go around the whole existence. It is a great learning, brings great maturity, great understanding, great wisdom; and finally when you find your home, and come to know that this has always been within you, it is such an ecstasy. One feels like dancing, singing….
If you see a saint who is not laughing, singing, dancing, know perfectly well he is just hocus-pocus.
People who are fitting with the dead, rotten society are themselves rotten and dead. Anyone who is alive is bound to be a misfit in this dying society. But feeling alone, it becomes more difficult to get out of this.
Sitting in a car is not unnatural, travelling in a plane is not unnatural, and listening through technological devices is not unnatural.
As far as the plastic lady is concerned, they will make it as natural as you want. It is a very simple phenomenon: if you want her to nag you, she will nag you; she will throw clothes at you. She just has to carry a recording, a tape within herself, and she will call you all the dirty words that you are accustomed to. And while you are making love to her, she will shriek and say, “My Jesus!”