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deeply involved in meditation

January 18, 2009

In your religious scriptures you will be surprised to find that sex is condemned with such joy. You can see from the words that the minds of the people who were writing those scriptures were full of repression. You won’t find a single statement like that in a poet’s diary or a painter’s diary or a sculptor’s letters. You will not even find any reference. Taoism is trying to make you aware that sex is a simple, natural phenomenon. Live it, and live it totally, so that you can transcend it. But the goal is transcendence. And taoists can give you the proof of it, that as they have become more deeply involved in meditation they feel less and less interested in sex. The taoistic approach is not to fight against these people, because they are powerful, they have armies, they have money, they have everything. You cannot fight with them, you will be destroyed. The only way out of this mess is to silently start growing your own consciousness, which they cannot prevent by any force. In fact they cannot even know what is going on inside you. Taoism gives you the alchemy of inner transformation. Change your inner being. And the moment you are changed, completely transformed, you will suddenly see you are out of the imprisonment, you are no longer a slave. You were a slave because of your chaoticness. It happened in the Russian revolution… The day the revolution succeeded, one woman started walking in Moscow in the middle of the road. The policeman said, “This is not right. You cannot walk in the middle of the road.” The woman said, “Now we are free.” Even if you are free, you will have to follow the rules of traffic; otherwise traffic will become impossible. If cars and people are running everywhere they want, turning wherever they want, don’t take any note of the lights, people will be simply getting into accidents, being killed. This will bring the army in, to enforce the law that you have to walk to the right or to the left, whichever is chosen by the country — but nobody can walk in the middle. Then at the point of a gun, you have to follow… That woman is very symbolic. Freedom does not mean chaos. Freedom means more responsibility, so much responsibility that nobody need interfere in your life. That you have to be left alone, that the government need not interfere with you, that the police need not interfere with you, that the law has nothing to do with you — you are simply out of their world.


the heart dances with joy

January 4, 2009

Children live in the world of mystery — why?
Their ego is as yet not very strong. Now when they see a butterfly flitting on the flowers, it seems like a beautiful dream. When they see a flower bloom, it feels as if the Infinite has opened its doors to them. When the sun comes out they feel bathed in the effulgence of the Supreme Light. When the waves lap the shores, the heart is thrilled and dances with joy. Now the pebbles on the road-side appear like jewels to them. The ‘I’ is not so strong yet, so the Tao appears all around. So a child’s life passes entirely in fantasy — its life is like a poem. Therefore little children cannot differentiate between dreaming and waking. A child is quite likely to get up in the morning crying for the doll that was lost in his dream. However hard we may try, it is hard to convince him that it was a dream. This is because there is no clear-cut line of demarcation between sleeping and waking in the consciousness of the child. The child as yet, dreams in the day. As yet the only difference between day and night is the difference of closing and opening of the eyes. Everything within the child is as yet fluid; the feeling of wonder and mystery is as yet very intense. Then as the ego strengthens, the mystery begins to fade. As the child grows, is educated and begins to stand on his own feet, as he begins to display his own capabilities, the ‘I’ is strengthened and stands out clear and the mystery lessens and fades in the same proportion. The mystery that surrounds the child, is the mystery of ignorance. The mystery that surrounds the man of tao, is the mystery of knowledge. Before knowledge, there is the mystery of ignorance and after knowledge, is the mystery that is not of ignorance.


The clause

January 2, 2009


This entity I call my mind, this hive of restlessness,
this wedge of want my mind calls self,
this self which doubts so much and which keeps reaching,
keeps referring, keeps aspiring, longing, towards some state
from which ambiguity would be banished, uncertainty expunged;

this implement my mind and self imagine they might make together,
which would have everything accessible to it,
all our doings and undoings all at once before it,
so it would have at last the right to bless, or blame,
for without everything before you, all at once, how bless, how blame?

this capacity imagination, self and mind conceive might be the “soul”,
which would be able to regard such matters as creation and
origin and extinction, of species, peoples, even families, even mine,
of equal consequence, and might finally solve the quandary
of this thing of being, and this other thing of not;

these layers, these divisions, these meanings or the lack thereof,
these fissures and abysses beside which I stumble, over which I reel:
is the place, the space, they constitute,
which I never satisfactorily experience but from which the fear
I might be torn away appalls me, me, or what might most be me?

Even mine, I say, as if I might ever believe such a thing;
bless and blame, I say, as though I could ever not.
This ramshackle, this unwieldy, this jerry-built assemblage,
this unfelt always felt disarray: is this the sum of me,
is this where I’m meant to end, exactly where I started out?