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I can make philosophy more substantial, more alive, not just a dead past but a living present.

February 18, 2014
Reaction is dominated by the other person. He insults me: I get angry, and then I act out of anger. This is reaction. I am not an independent person; anybody can pull me this way or that way. I am easily affected; I can be blackmailed emotionally.
Reaction is an emotional blackmail.
I was not angry. The man insulted me, and his insult created anger; now out of anger comes my action.
Response is out of freedom.
It is not dependent on the other person.

Whenever I look towards somebody with deep love something flows from me to the other person, just like a river flows to the ocean.

February 15, 2014
What sorrow or what attachment can there be for that realized person — that wise man — who has known himself in all animate and inanimate objects, or known all animate and inanimate objects in himself?