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Wer kämpft, hat schon verloren.

December 3, 2015

Ich bin so erzogen worden, dass ich ständig mit dem Leben kämpfe, bewußt und unbewußt. Mir ist beigebracht worden, dass das Leben mein Feind ist. Die Gesellschaft hat mich vergiftet. Ich muss mich durchsetzen, und das ist so ein Unsinn, diese fixe Idee, sich gegen das Leben und gegen die Existenz durchsetzen zu müssen, denn ein Teil kann sich nicht gegen die Ganzheit durchsetzen. Das Teilchen kann nur im Ganzen aufgehen. Diese Auflösung ist sein Sieg. Ich kann immer nur mit dem Ganzen erfolgreich sein, niemals gegen die Gesamtheit. Das Ganze hat immer das letzte Wort und wenn ein Teilchen sich in im Konflikt damit befindet, wird es scheitern müssen.




The fifth question

December 22, 2013

The fifth question

The well has to go to the thirsty.
There is no other way. And the way for the well to go to the thirsty is to understand the ordinary man’s conditioning, his aspirations and somehow join his aspirations with something which can take him out of his darkness.

Soda is really beautiful

July 19, 2009

Scientists know perfectly well that there have been many very huge animals on the earth in the past, almost mountainous, but very ugly. MAHABHARATA belongs among those animals. Not that you cannot find anything beautiful in it; it is so big that if you dig deep you can certainly find a mouse here and there in the mountain. Those two books influenced Nietzsche immensely. Perhaps nothing was more responsible for Friedrich Nietzsche than those two books. One was by Manu, and MAHABHARATA was written by Vyasa. Both books have done a tremendous amount of work, dirty work! It would have been better if these two books had not been written at all. Friedrich Nietzsche remembers both books with such respect that you would be amazed. Amazed, because this was the man who called himself “Anti-Christ.” But don’t be amazed, those two books are anti-Christ, in fact they are anti-anything that is beautiful: anti-truth, anti-love. It is no coincidence that Nietzsche fell in love with them. Although he never liked Lao Tzu or Buddha, he liked Manu and Krishna. Why?

People simply want consolations. Somebody should come as if he is from somewhere higher, coming from God himself to tell them, “You are perfectly right — just go on believing in God. Go on praying to God every night for two minutes, and everything is perfectly okay with you.” This you enjoy, because it saves you all the trouble of change. People like Socrates seem to be very dangerous because they go on hitting hard on your consolations: they take away all your conditionings, they expose you to your reality. Their work is surgical. It hurts, it is painful, but that is the way a new man can be born.


do not be anything other than a disciple

July 17, 2009


Between a psychiatrist and his patient a relationship exists which is bound to be ill, pathological — because a patient comes not in search of truth, is really not in search of health…. This word health is very meaningful: it means wholeness, it means holiness, it means a deep healing in the self. A patient does not come for health, because if he comes for health he cannot be anything other than a disciple. A patient comes to get rid of the illness; the attitude is totally negative. He has come just to be forced to become normal again, just to become a working part of the normal world again. He has become maladjusted; he needs adjustment and the psychiatrist helps him to be adjusted again. But adjusted to whom? Adjusted to this world, this society, which is absolutely ill. It is your mind which says, “This is the valley and this is the hill.” Can you have a hill without the valley? Can you have a valley without the hill? Can you have happiness without unhappiness? If you are trying to, then you are trying for the impossible. Can you have unhappiness without happiness? Drop it! — because this happiness and unhappiness is more poetic. Health and illness are more physiological. Watch: exactly when did you become ill? Where can you draw the boundary? And when did you become healthy? Nobody can draw any line of demarcation: illness becomes health, health becomes illness; love becomes hate, hate becomes love; anger becomes compassion, compassion becomes anger. It may be uncomfortable to conceive, but mystics are true.

Durch Geissblatt inspiriert mal hier gesammelt:

May 17, 2009

Es sind die Starken im Leben, die unter Tränen lachen, ihr eigenes Leid verbergen und andere glücklich machen.

In unseren Freunden suchen wir, was uns fehlt.

Männer sind einfach besser als Frauen. Vor allem im Einarmigen Reißen, beim Knödelwettessen und als Heldentenor. …und beim rückwärts seitwärts einparkieren.

Na ja, es sei ihnen von Herzen gegönnt! Solange sie den Frauen immer schön die Reifen und das Öl wechseln, dürfen sie auch glauben, sie könnten besser einparkieren!

Parkieren ist eine Mischung aus parken und markieren.

Der Schatten des Bambus fegt den Boden der Veranda, aber der Staub regt sich nicht von der Stelle.
Der Mond wird im Wasser gespiegelt, aber er hinterlässt keine Spur auf der Oberfläche des Teiches.

Das große Tao, so es denn ausgesprochen werden kann, ist nicht das große Tao.

you have to fulfil that

May 5, 2009

Jesus is very much concerned about the future. He warns about other Masters coming in the future. “And beware of them,” he says, “because they will distract you; they will distract you from the path” — the path that he has shown. He is making sure that no follower is taken away from the fold even when he is gone. This is too much businesslike!  Jesus remained a little childish in his approach towards God. Buddha has a maturity, tremendous maturity. He is so mature that he can say there is no God. Existence is enough, more is not needed. There is no creator, creation is enough. Creation itself is divine creativity; it is the process of creativity. This fear of Jesus simply shows the fear of a Jew businessman! He is afraid his customers may to go somebody else. H is making sure that even in the future the customers never leave the shop! He will be gone, that much is certain, sooner or later he will be gone, but he is making sure that his priests will go on dominating the world; his representatives, his popes, will go on and on always dominating the world. The very idea to dominate the world, to change the whole world into Christianity, is in some subtle sense an ego trip, an ego number. But it is understandable from an unenlightened person; you cannot expect more than that.

The elderly millionaire emerged from his exclusive club feeling despondent and hopeless, and slowly climbed into his limousine. “Where to, sir?” asked hi. “Drive off a cliff, James,” was the reply. “I am committing suicide!”


psychological barriers can be removed

May 1, 2009

Two laws are rooted in one primordial law. They are part of one law, two aspects of one law. In China that law is called TAO, in India that law is called DHAMMA, in Greece that law is called LOGOS, Jews have called it TORAH. It is the SAME law.  Science and technology have brought people very close. All the barriers, at least the physical barriers, are removed. Now the second step can be taken: psychological barriers can be removed.

You are a house without any light. The ordinary state of man is that of a mechanical functioning: HOMO MECHANICUS. Only in the name are you a man — otherwise, just a trained, skilful machine, and whatsoever you do is going to be wrong. And remember, WHATSOEVER you do — even your virtues will not be virtues if you are unaware. How can you be virtuous when you are unaware? Behind your virtue will come a great, enormous ego — it is bound to be so. Even your saintliness, practised, cultivated with great labour and effort, is futile! Because it will not bring simplicity, and it will not bring humbleness, and it will not bring that great experience of the divine which happens only when the ego has disappeared. You will live a respectable life as a saint, but as poor as everybody else — inwardly rotten, inwardly a meaningless existence. It is not life, it is only vegetating. Your sins will be sins, your virtues will also be sins. Your immorality will be immorality, your morality will also be immorality.

All will come by Grace if we have prepared ourselves

April 3, 2009

Wherever you go, you are the magnet, the center of attraction. You attract everything — all the angels, all the human beings, and all the species — towards you. In the 1950s, a cow called Lakshmi would part thousands of people gathered around Ramana Maharshi to go to the guru every day for a blessing. The guru would not eat until he had personally fed that cow. All animals, all creatures are attracted toward such Masters. There are many stories that the cat and the rat, the tiger and the deer, the snake and the mongoose would forget their enmity in the presence of such a saint and played together. Everything is attracted towards you, but you are not attracted towards them because you keep God as your central attraction. You look to God and they look to you. Then you are safe. If you are attracted by the things which are attracted to you, then very soon the power will be gone, for it is God which dwells in you which is the source of attraction for the whole humanity. Bless them, make them stand on their own two feet and give them the Light so that they may walk in the Light and not in darkness. But at the same time, tell them that these blessings come from God and not from you. If you take the credit, you’ll have a large following for a few years before that very following becomes the instrument of your downfall. History proves that. Be careful acknowledging that the blessings are from God. Somebody said, to Jesus, “How good you are!” Immediately he said, “Why do you call me good? There is only one who is good and that is my Father in heaven!” This form of humility should be there constantly. You may not have a large following and you should not be attracted towards that either. It comes to you when you don’t want it.


March 24, 2009

Science goes on discovering laws and laws and laws but it will never discover THE law, and THE LAW is the meaning of the word Tao. Science will go on discovering gods and gods and gods but will never discover THE GOD, and THE GOD IS the meaning of the word Tao: the very ultimate, beyond which nothing exists, beyond which nothing is possible. Science goes on discovering — and every day the more science discovers, the more old theories are discarded and thrown into the rubbish bin. And this is going to happen to every scientific theory one day or other. All scientific theories are doomed to be thrown into the rubbish heap because they don’t know THE LAW. They are only reflections in the lake not the real moon. The real moon is within and the whole world functions as a mirror. When you see beauty in a rose flower, have you ever pondered over the fact whether the beauty is there in the rose flower or the beauty is poured by you? Because there are moments when you pass the same rose-bush but nothing happens, nothing special, nothing extraordinary, just an ordinary rose, but in another moment, in another mood, in another state of mind, suddenly it takes on a beauty, a flavour, it becomes a new dimension; doors open, mysteries are revealed. What is happening is that the rose is just a mirror. Whatsoever you pour into it you see. You come before a mirror, you look in the mirror, the mirror simply mirrors YOU, it is YOU. If you are ugly the mirror reports an ugly figure, if you are beautiful the mirror reports beauty.

it is his religious right

March 6, 2009

If you convince somebody about your truth and he wants to come and belong to your fold, it seems human. But to threaten him, “You will be killed if you don’t become a Mohammedan”, and out of that threat he decides to live as a Mohammedan rather than to die as a Hindu, a Jew or a Christian — this is not at all religious. But this is what Mohammed brought into the world — and he was the only messenger. He is so uneducated, so ignorant that what he says does not look like philosophy, not like great treatises like the Upanishads, or the Tao Te Ching, or the Dhammapada — nothing like it. Just such things he is saying in the Koran, that a Mohammedan can marry four women, it is his religious right. And this persists. In India now the constitution gives the right to have only one woman, but still Mohammedans go on marrying four women; and you cannot interfere, because if you interfere, immediately riots break out all over India.