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Heaven must be the most psychologically sick place

October 25, 2005

The functioning of the man of tao is so silent and so serene, so nonviolent, and so loving….
What is he going to do in heaven with all kinds of dodos, saints? — who are all torturers of themselves — masochistic. Heaven must be the most psychologically sick place, because all psychologically sick people are there.
Hell is full of colorful people. All the scientists will be in hell, all the artists, painters, sculptors, poets — people who have contributed to the happiness of man — will be in hell, because they never bothered about the priests and their stupid theologies.
You cannot conceive of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Wagner, in heaven. Impossible! Picasso, Van Gogh, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Epicurus, Socrates, Gautam Buddha — such a great company! The best, the cream of the whole history is in hell. And wherever people like Socrates, Buddha, Epicurus, Diogenes, Dionysius are, do you think the place will remain the same?
Hell will be contemporary, perhaps ahead of us. So many geniuses! Heaven must be absolutely outdated, with a God who is perhaps dead — because since he created this mess called the universe nothing has been heard about him. Perhaps he committed suicide, seeing what he has done.
And the saints are ugly, in every way. They have not contributed anything to beautify existence, to make man’s life more pleasurable. On the contrary, they have destroyed man’s joy in life, they have destroyed naturalness in man, they have made man a perverted being.
No laughter is heard in heaven. But in hell it must be a great party, a real Italian party, ongoing — spaghetti and all. Hell is the place to go right now.
In heaven rarely have women entered there. In fact, they are not allowed — just to save the saints.
Being a man of tao is something totally rare in the world. There have been Zorbas, there have been Buddhas, but they have remained always opposed to each other.
Zorba represents materialism, Zorba represents the West. Buddha represents spirituality, Buddha represents the East.
The English poet, Rudyard Kipling, says that West is West and East is East, and the twain shall never meet. A man of tao trusts existence. In him East and West have met!


Die, die überall eingreifen, verderben die Dinge

October 20, 2005

“Das Buch vom Wesen, dem Weg und der Kaft”
Die 81 Schriften des alten Meisters Lao-Tze
Das was sicher ist, ist leicht zu halten.
Was frisch angefangen hat, lässt sich leicht planen.
Was dünn ist, lässt sich leicht zerbrechen.
Was winzig ist, lässt sich leicht zerstreuen.
Pflege die Dinge noch bevor sie ins Sein treten.
Ordne die Dinge noch bevor sie sich verwirren.
Ein Baum von riesigem Umfang
Entstand einem winzigen Samen.
Der Neun-Stufen-Turm
Entsteht aus einem Häufchen Erde.
Eine Reise von 1000 Li
Beginnt vor Deinen Füssen.
Die, die überall eingreifen, verderben die Dinge.
Die, die nach den Dingen greifen, verlieren die Dinge.
Daher die alten Meister:
Sie greifen nicht ein, deshalb verderben sie nichts.
Sie greifen nach Nichts, deshalb verlieren sie nichts.
Die Leute in ihren ehrgeizigen Vorgehen und wirren Handlungen,
in ihren Geschäften und Angelegenheiten,
immer wenn sie dicht vor dem Ziel sind, ruinieren sie die Dinge.
Sei achtsam am Ende wie am Beginn,
dann gibt es keine ruinierten Angelegenheiten.
Daher begehren die alten Meister das Nicht-Begehren,
ersehnen keine Güter, die schwer zu erlangen sind.
Sie lernen das Nicht-Lernen.
Und sie kehren zu dem zurück, an dem all die anderen vorbeigehen.
Also helfen sie den 10.000 Wesen sich selbst zu verwirklichen,
ohne sich dabei einzubilden, daran gewirkt zu haben.

just become more natural

October 9, 2005

Remember one thing: care as much as possible but don’t be concerned too much. Caring is one thing and worrying is another; it is worry that drains. Worrying and caring are two totally different phenomena. In fact the person who worries cannot care. His energy is lost in worrying; nothing is left for caring. And then one worries more because one is not caring.
Stop worrying. Leave it to Tao; trust that everything will be okay. Whatsoever little bit you can do out of your love, do; and don’t do it too much either, because one can be too much of a loving mother. You can ask the psychiatrists, psychoanalysts; they say that everybody is suffering from mothers.
The whole finding of psychoanlysis is that the mother is the root cause of all illness, disease. Mothers are suffering so much for children, and every child suffers because of the mothers! It is a vicious circle. It is good to give the child a little more freedom. Yes, there is a little bit of danger in giving freedom, but that danger is part of life.
Don’t be around too much; leave the other alone. Help the other to depend on herself or herself more and more, and the sooner she depends on herself, the better.
Remember that love is not a duty, and if you have made it a duty, you have to fulfill it. Then it is a drain! Only love to the extent that it is spontaneous, natural, not a duty. Don’t make it a should. Don’t make it something moral — that you have to do it, that if you don’t do it you are forgetting your duty. It is not a duty at all!
Love without any idea of duty and then it is never a drain; on the contrary, love is always a nourishment to both the persons who are in love: the mother, the child, the husband, the wife, two friends. Both are nourished, it is a mutual nourishment. That is the beauty of love. And the ugliness duty has is that it is mutually draining. It is not only that you are feeling drained; if you are feeling drained then it is absolutely inevitable that the other will also feel drained.
It always happens to both parties, the same: if you feel nourished, the other will feel nourished.
Mothers are too motherly. All mothers are Jewish… and a Jewish mother is a dangerous mother. She loves too much; her love becomes such a heavy weight that the child is crushed.
It is not an accident that Sigmund Freud was a Jew and he discovered that the mother is the disease. In fact all the great psychologists are Jews; in fact psychiatry is a Jewish function, it is a Jewish profession. Jews are the best at it because they know their mothers!
So just become more natural.

For a rich man it is very simple

October 7, 2005

A man is rich who has become absolutely frustrated with the world, who has known all that it can give, and has come to know that all of it is illusory. And he has become aware of his inner poverty. “No richness of the world can fulfill my hungry heart; nothing that I can possess can ever be a contentment to me. My poverty remains untouched by my riches.” This man is a rich man because he has come to see the futility of all riches; but he is also the poor man, the REALLY poor, because he has understood his inner poverty. He is’the poor in spirit’.
Now let me confuse you a little more.
There are two types of rich men: one, the first type, who has riches; and the other, who has no riches but still is a rich man — because he has desires to be rich. The first has riches, the second has no riches, but both are rich men — because both move for more and for more and for more. You may have ten rupees and you desire a hundred rupees. Somebody has ten million rupees and he is desiring a hundred million rupees. What is the difference? — the proportion is the same. Both are moving towards riches. So there are rich people with riches and there are rich people with no riches at all. A beggar can also be rich if he is still moving into desire. Then there are two types of poor people: a poor person who has no riches, and a poor person who has all the riches in the world. If the poor person has understood that there is no meaning in riches, and the person who has all the riches has also understood that there is no meaning in riches, then both are poor in spirit. The basic thing to realize is that whatsoever is outside is not going to fulfill you. Whether you are rich or poor does not matter. But, it is easier….
That’s why if a poor man wants to be religious, he will have to have more intelligence than the rich man — because he will have to substitute by his intelligence what is lacking in riches. He will have to have a great vision, visualization power. If you have a beautiful woman, it is very easy to understand that just by having a beautiful woman by your side, no contentment comes. It is very easy to understand it; much intelligence is not needed. But if you don’t have a woman and you live in a desert alone, and dream — and dreams come, and you fantasize about women — now, to understand that just by getting a woman you cannot be satisfied is difficult, very difficult. When you have riches by your side it is very simple to understand. Not much intelligence is needed to see that nothing has happened to your inner world. But when you don’t have anything, not even something to eat, no house to give you shelter, it is very difficult to see that houses, food, money, are all meaningless. It is very difficult for a poor man to understand that money is meaningless. For a rich man, it is very simple.

Freedom is simply an opportunity

October 2, 2005

Responsibility and freedom are together. If you don’t want to have responsibility, you can’t have freedom either. They both come together or they both go together. If you leave responsibility, you have to accept slavery in some way or other. If you are capable of destroying your slavery, your chains, you are certainly capable of being creative. If you are able to destroy prisons, you can certainly make, create something beautiful. Unless you become a creator in some way, your life will remain empty and sad. The only blissful people are the creators. It may be simply the creation of more consciousness, more experience of sachchidanand, more truth, more consciousness, more bliss. It may be simply an inner world of creativity or it may be something outer. But freedom has to become responsible, positive. It is good if you are out of the prison, but it is not enough. Now you have to earn your bread. Up to now, they were supplying the bread. With the chains, they were supplying you a shelter, they were giving you clothes. So many people inside the churches, inside synagogues, inside temples, attending the mass …. Almost everybody is a member of a religion, a member of a nation, a member of a family, a member of an association, a political party, Rotary Club, Lions Club. People go on finding more and more chains. It seems to be very cozy. You have so much protection and no responsibility. Freedom means: you will have to be responsible for every act, for every breath; whatever you do or don’t do, you will be responsible. People are really in deep fear of freedom, although they talk about freedom. But very few people really want freedom; because they are subconsciously aware that freedom will bring many problems that they are not ready to encounter. It is better to remain in a cozy imprisonment. It is warmer, and what will you do with freedom? Unless you are ready to be a seeker, a searcher, a creator … Very few people want to go on a pilgrimage or to go into deeper silences of the heart, or to take the responsibility of love. The implications are great. Just find out what is your joy in life, what you would like to create, what you would like to be, what you want to be your definition. Freedom is simply an opportunity to find a definition for yourself, a true, authentic individuality, and a joy in making the world around you a little better, a little more beautiful — a few more roses, a little more greenery, a few more oases. Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society, used to carry two bags in her hands, always. Either going for a morning walk or traveling in a train — those two bags were always in her hands. And she was throwing something out of those bags — from the window while sitting in the train — onto the footpath outside, by the side of the train. And people used to ask, “Why do you go on doing this?” And she laughed and said, “This has been my whole life’s habit. These are seasonal flower seeds. I may not come back on this route again” — she was a world traveler — “but that does not matter. When the season comes and the flowers will blossom, thousands of people who pass every day in this line of railway trains will see those flowers, those colors. They will not know me. That does not matter. “One thing is certain: I am making a few people happy somewhere. That much I know. It does not matter whether they know it or not. What matters is that I have been doing something which will make somebody happy. Some children may come and pluck a few flowers and go home. Some lovers may come and make garlands for each other. And without their knowing, I will be part of their love. And I will be part of the joy of children. And I will be part of those who will be simply passing by the path, seeing the beautiful flowers.”