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March 24, 2009

Science goes on discovering laws and laws and laws but it will never discover THE law, and THE LAW is the meaning of the word Tao. Science will go on discovering gods and gods and gods but will never discover THE GOD, and THE GOD IS the meaning of the word Tao: the very ultimate, beyond which nothing exists, beyond which nothing is possible. Science goes on discovering — and every day the more science discovers, the more old theories are discarded and thrown into the rubbish bin. And this is going to happen to every scientific theory one day or other. All scientific theories are doomed to be thrown into the rubbish heap because they don’t know THE LAW. They are only reflections in the lake not the real moon. The real moon is within and the whole world functions as a mirror. When you see beauty in a rose flower, have you ever pondered over the fact whether the beauty is there in the rose flower or the beauty is poured by you? Because there are moments when you pass the same rose-bush but nothing happens, nothing special, nothing extraordinary, just an ordinary rose, but in another moment, in another mood, in another state of mind, suddenly it takes on a beauty, a flavour, it becomes a new dimension; doors open, mysteries are revealed. What is happening is that the rose is just a mirror. Whatsoever you pour into it you see. You come before a mirror, you look in the mirror, the mirror simply mirrors YOU, it is YOU. If you are ugly the mirror reports an ugly figure, if you are beautiful the mirror reports beauty.


Twenty-five centuries have gone by without any change as far as humanity is concerned.

March 17, 2009

blog7If you know, if you have experienced the truth, then there is no need to say anything.
It happened in India… Two enlightened people met, remaining together for two days. One was Kabir, the famous poet, and the other was Farid, a Sufi mystic. Their disciples wanted them to talk to each other so they could listen. But for two days not a single word passed between Kabir and Farid. They hugged each other, they smiled at each other, they looked into each other’s eyes. They were seen holding each other’s hands; tears of joy were seen flowing from both. And after two days they departed with another loving hug, but not a single word.
The disciples of Kabir asked him, “What happened? You have always been talking to us, and we wanted to listen to what happens, what transpires between two enlightened persons.”
And Kabir said, “You have seen what happens, what transpires between two persons who have realized the truth: there is nothing to say.”
And the same was the situation with the disciples of Farid. They were angry: “Two days you wasted, and we waited and waited and were simply bored. Why did you not say something?”
And Farid said, “Whichever one of us started speaking would have shown that he does not know yet. Realization, enlightenment is beyond words. You know it; you can express it through tears, through song, through dance — but not through dialogue.”
Dialogue is useful only for blind people.

it is his religious right

March 6, 2009

If you convince somebody about your truth and he wants to come and belong to your fold, it seems human. But to threaten him, “You will be killed if you don’t become a Mohammedan”, and out of that threat he decides to live as a Mohammedan rather than to die as a Hindu, a Jew or a Christian — this is not at all religious. But this is what Mohammed brought into the world — and he was the only messenger. He is so uneducated, so ignorant that what he says does not look like philosophy, not like great treatises like the Upanishads, or the Tao Te Ching, or the Dhammapada — nothing like it. Just such things he is saying in the Koran, that a Mohammedan can marry four women, it is his religious right. And this persists. In India now the constitution gives the right to have only one woman, but still Mohammedans go on marrying four women; and you cannot interfere, because if you interfere, immediately riots break out all over India.

“rising in love” — they do not have this phrase in their language

March 1, 2009

The place in Kashmir where Jesus is buried is called Pahalgam, which means “the village of the shepherd.” Gadarwara was also visited by Jesus, and outside the village is the place where he stayed. Its ruins are still honored. Nobody remembers why it is honored. There is a stone on which it says that at one time a man called Isu visited this place, and stayed there. He converted the people of the village and the surrounding area, then he returned to Pahalgam. The archaeological department of India placed that stone there, so it is not very old. The stone was inside a small castle. The castle was no longer habitable, and it was dangerous to even enter. Isu is certainly nothing but another form of the Aramaic Yeshu, from the Hebrew Joshua. In Hindi Jesus is called Isa, and lovingly, Isu.

Friendship is a higher value than love. Nobody has said it before. Friendliness is even higher than friendship. Nobody has even mentioned that. Love, howsoever beautiful, remains earthbound. It is something like the roots of a tree. Love tries to rise above the earth and all that it implies — the body — but it falls again and again.