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it is impossible

December 8, 2005

There is one thing that you are not aware of. If happiness is there, then just beyond it somewhere unhappiness will be present. If unhappiness is there, then somewhere on the boundary happiness will be present. They go together. The evil mind is followed by misery, by hell, but somewhere hell is followed by heaven. The holy mind is followed by happiness, but happiness is followed by unhappiness, because they cannot be separate. They are not two phenomena.
How can you be happy if you cannot be unhappy? If you have forgotten what unhappiness is you will have forgotten happiness too. If you don’t know what disease is, illness is, you will not be able to feel your health, wellbeing. It is impossible. To keep alert that you are healthy, sometimes illness is a must.
You cannot write with a white chalk on a white wall. Not that you cannot write — you CAN write, but nobody will be able to read it, not even you. To write with a white chalk you need a blackboard. The blackboard functions as the background. The white chalk becomes the figure. So is life. Your happiness is like the white chalk: it needs a black background. The holy man lives in happiness but his happiness is a figure and unhappiness is there like a background. Without unhappiness there he will never be able to know what happiness is; without contrast there is no way to know.
So ultimately the holy mind and the evil mind are not two minds, they are two aspects of the same coin. The saint and the sinner exist together. The saint can turn into a sinner any moment and the sinner can turn into a saint any moment. They are not far away, they are not distant neighbors. They live very close by, they are very intimate. Their boundaries meet and merge. The third mind is no-mind — neither saint nor sinner, neither happiness nor unhappiness. The duality is dropped. Then there is silence, serenity. Then there is peace, all turmoil is gone. Remember, even happiness is a turmoil, even happiness is a kind of fever. You like it, that is one thing, but it is fever, it is feverish. Have you not watched it? When you are happy, you start getting tired of it. Once in a while it is okay, but you cannot remain happy for long. Sooner or later you become fed up with it. It is tiring. If you are too happy you will not be able to sleep in the night. In the same way, if you are too unhappy you will not be able to sleep in the night, you will not be able to relax. Happiness becomes a tension. Both are tiring. When happiness tires you, you move towards unhappiness. When unhappiness tires you, you start moving towards happiness, and that’s how the pendulum of life goes on swinging, swaying, from one extreme to another. No-mind is a totally different thing. It has nothing to do with mind, happy or unhappy, holy or unholy.


even if the sun is setting, there is time still

December 7, 2005

There is a proverb in India: if you get lost in the morning but somehow manage to come back home by the evening, you are not lost. The people are coming closer and closer to evening, but they are still far away from home. And if they could not find home in the sunlight, it cannot be conceived that they can find home when the sun has set and the darkness of night covers the earth. That darkness is not far away. Its name is the third world war. Every moment we are coming closer to it. That is going to be the night, unending, perhaps forever and forever. It is going to destroy all that is living and all possibility for life to exist on this planet. It has happened on other planets; it is now a recognized scientific fact that there are planets which give indications that some day life had existed there. How it disappeared nobody knows, but soon we will know how it disappears. But there is time still, even if the sun is setting, there is time still. Those people, if they are intelligent, will come and try, so that they can understand where they got lost, where they missed the right path. Those who are retarded are already stepping into their graves, soon they will disappear. They don’t have any vision for the future, they don’t have any solution for the problems that the past has created. Every day more and more problems are being created by their past, and not a single solution. And all their problems can be solved. But they are blind and deaf; they cannot listen, they cannot see. Perhaps they don’t want to see, they don’t want to listen because that will make them feel more inferior. They want to continue to feel that they are superior beings, that the problems are bad, the problems are insoluble, but they are doing their best. If the problems still remain, what can they do? Those problems are their creations. With one hand they go on creating the problem, with the other they go on trying to solve it. Their right hand knows not what their left hand is doing. There is not a single problem which cannot be solved right now. But they have their vested interests — and if the problem is solved, then what will happen to their vested interests? So they go on talking about solving the problem — poverty, war, disease, death — but just talking, and they have been talking for thousands of years. Their philosophers have been thinking, creating great treatises, but what is the outcome? What is the outcome of that whole genius of the past? How have Kant, Hegel, Feuerbach, Bradley, Bosake helped to solve any human problems? Has Mohammed, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Mahavira been able to give any solution so that man can live at peace? No. On the contrary, they all created more problems, they added more problems. The older ones were there, they created new ones with their so-called solutions. It is really very surprising and amazing to see into the past and to see the people who have been adored in the past, respected like gods. And what is their contribution? Nobody asks.