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an upward movement

February 16, 2006

What is flowing down — towards the nether worlds, towards hell — has to be turned upwards, has to be given an upward movement. Gorakh said: … DRINK THE PURIFIED WATER THERE.
And once you begin to flow upwards, you stat moving vertically, ascending, then drink your fill of pure nectar, of elixir. Let god sit in your heart, sit in god’s heart, then drink your fill of eternal nectar. God sits in your heart only when the mind does not flicker. Understand it like a lake on a full moon night, in the sky is a lovely moon, a very beautiful spectacle, but if the lake is rippling then no reflection of the moon can be formed on the lake, it gets broken up, scattered, gets scattered as soon as its made. Bits of the moon are spread all over the lake. Moonlight spreads on the lake but the reflection of the moon cannot be formed. Then the lake becomes calm, winds are not blowing now, there is stillness, the lake has become absorbed in meditation, the lake has entered samadhi — now the reflection of the moon is made. Now the moon is whole on the lake. The experience happens this same way. God is present all around us. It is full moon, because god is not absent for a single moment. The full moon is out, only the lake of your mind is flickering. So the reflection of god cannot be made inside you, you are not able to hold it within you. He cannot enter into your womb. He gets broken up, scattered here and there. Broken up like droplets of mercury: the more you try to grasp it the more difficult it becomes. A state of beingness means the mind is clear, calm, the waves of desire no longer flowing. Now there is nothing to get, nothing to become. Go on sitting quietly, silently… In this state of relaxation what is present immediately begins to be reflected within. Then the moon is not only outside, the moon has come inside also. And then drink your fill… DRINK THE PURIFIED WATER THERE, Gorakh said. And he continues: HERE EXPLORE YOUR EMPTINESS, THIS WAY COUNTLESS SEEKERS AWAKEN. Gorakh says, innumerable seekers attained fulfillment this way. Seekers reached the highest union this way. Which way? HERE IT’S PRESENT, HERE IT’S HIDDEN… That which you are seeking is hidden here. Where are you going? HERE IT’S PRESENT, HERE IT’S HIDDEN… That which you are seeking, travelling so far away, Kashi and Kailash, Koran and Purana… and that which you worship in stone idols and search for in words, it is absolutely present here, right now, in your very breath, right before your eyes. Wherever you turn your eyes it is this that is present. HERE IT’S PRESENT, HERE IT’S HIDDEN… It is present right here, it is hidden right here. And hidden does not mean it is trying to hide from you. It is hidden, vanished, because a veil of thoughts is covering your eyes. You are filled with your thoughts, where is the leisure to see it? You are flickering.


when you become rooted in your consciousness

February 12, 2006

Millions of people are not aware that they are conditioned. If you don’t know that you are in a prison, why should you try to get out of it in the first place?
One should not carry dead bodies for ever and ever, they should be buried or burned.
Humanity is not national, religiousness is not Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan, culturedness has nothing to do with any country. It is a grace that comes through meditation, through awareness. It is a beauty that happens to you when you become rooted in your consciousness, when you are settled in your consciousness, when nothing can distract you from your consciousness.
Yes, every person has to become a child again, but how is he going to become a child again? Except through becoming aware there is no other way. First, become aware of your conditionings — and there are a thousand and one layers of conditionings — and when you are aware, then slowly slowly disentangle yourself from all the conditioning. Drop those conditionings, become dehypnotized, so no layer of dust remains on the mirror of your being. When there is no layer of dust on the mirror of your being, you will be able to reflect that which is — and that is Tao and that is truth and that is nirvana.
But you can avoid awareness. You would like to find some shortcut to innocence. There is no shortcut; awareness cannot be avoided. Awareness is the only method — let me repeat, the ONLY method — which can cut from the very roots all the conditionings and can make you free from the prison in which you are living. And it is only a question of becoming more and more aware; nothing else can help you. Nobody else can do it for you. If somebody else does it for you, you will be reconditioned again. Remember it, you have to be unconditioned, not reconditioned. That’s what happens: a Christian becomes a Hindu; of course he becomes unconditioned as a Christian, but he becomes reconditioned as a Hindu.
In total freedom you have to decide what to do with your life. You are the master of your life; taoism can simply give you a few indications of how to get rid of all the nonsense that has been forced upon you. Once you are free from all that nonsense, taoism is not going to give you any positive instructions about what to do or what not to do, because that will be a reconditioning again.
So awareness will help you in two ways: first it will help you to become unconditioned and then it will help you to find ways and means to live your life. It will be the only way to uncondition and the only way to find a new style of life, a new vision of life.