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about the Himalayas

May 30, 2009

The Himalayas were not there in the days of the Vedas, because the original Rig-Veda never talks about them. It is impossible not to talk about the Himalayas if they are there — impossible! How can you neglect the Himalayas? And the Vedas go on talking about other things, but they never talk about the Himalayas. Because of this, Lokmanya Tilak decided that the Vedas were created at least seventy-five thousand years ago. It looks meaningful, it may be so; they may not have been written so far back, but they must have existed in oral form for many thousands of years. That’s why the Himalayas are not mentioned there.
Hindus understood it very well. If you go back to the days of the Vedas, the rishis used to live a very ordinary life: they had wives, children; they were householders, they had not renounced. Renunciation entered with Jainas and Buddhists. Otherwise, Hindu rishis always lived in a very ordinary way, because they knew, they came to know that life has to be accepted in its totality; nothing has to be denied, everything has to be accepted. This is what theism will really mean: astika means one who says yes to the whole of life, he is not a no-sayer. Saint Peter can become a good priest, he can become a saint, but he cannot become a sage. He has his own conceptions, that’s why he has come to Jesus.
When you are filled with too many moral concepts, what do you do? You condemn yourself, because there are things that are not dissolved just by saying they are wrong; they remain. This man will become attracted to women; they are beautiful, and the desire exists — it is a gift of God. It is deep in your every pore, every cell of your body. Scientists say there are seventy million cells in the body, and each cell is a sexual being. Your whole body is a sex phenomenon! Whatsoever you do — you can close your eyes, you can escape to the Himalayas, but beauty will always attract you.


Durch Geissblatt inspiriert mal hier gesammelt:

May 17, 2009

Es sind die Starken im Leben, die unter Tränen lachen, ihr eigenes Leid verbergen und andere glücklich machen.

In unseren Freunden suchen wir, was uns fehlt.

Männer sind einfach besser als Frauen. Vor allem im Einarmigen Reißen, beim Knödelwettessen und als Heldentenor. …und beim rückwärts seitwärts einparkieren.

Na ja, es sei ihnen von Herzen gegönnt! Solange sie den Frauen immer schön die Reifen und das Öl wechseln, dürfen sie auch glauben, sie könnten besser einparkieren!

Parkieren ist eine Mischung aus parken und markieren.

Der Schatten des Bambus fegt den Boden der Veranda, aber der Staub regt sich nicht von der Stelle.
Der Mond wird im Wasser gespiegelt, aber er hinterlässt keine Spur auf der Oberfläche des Teiches.

Das große Tao, so es denn ausgesprochen werden kann, ist nicht das große Tao.

But you can do something more: you can love.

May 14, 2009

There is a famous story in Tibet. A man wanted to learn the art of miracles, so he served a saint who was thought to be a knower of all the secrets. He served the saint day in, day out; he closed his business. The old saint told him again and again, “I don’t know anything. You are unnecessarily wasting your business, and you are becoming a burden to me because whenever I look at you…. Twenty-four hours a day you are sitting here, on my head, and I don’t know any miracles. What to do?” The man said, “You cannot avoid me so easily. I have heard that you have been hiding those secrets. But if you are stubborn, I am also stubborn. I will die sitting here, but I will learn the secret.” Finally the saint said, “Listen. This is the mantra” — it was not much, it was a simple mantra — “Just repeat om, om, omkar and all the secrets of all the miracles will be available to you as you become more and more attuned with the mantra.” The man rushed towards his home. While he was going down the steps of the temple the saint said, “Wait! I have forgotten one thing. After taking the bath, when you are sitting to chant the mantra, remember not to let any monkey enter into your mind.” That man said, “You must be getting senile! In my whole life no monkey has ever entered into my mind. Don’t be worried.” He said, “I am not worried. It is just to make you aware, so you don’t come later on and tell me that a monkey disturbed everything.” The man said, “There is no fear about the monkeys. Everything has entered into this mind, but a monkey? I don’t remember this at all, not even in a dream.” But as he started moving towards his house he was amazed; monkeys started appearing on the screen of his mind — big monkeys, giggling. He said, “My God!” He tried to push them away, “Get out! Get lost! I don’t have anything to do with monkeys, and particularly today!” But he was surprised that it was not one monkey, it was a vast line; they were coming from all sides. He said, “My God, I had never thought that in my mind so many monkeys are hidden. But first let me take a bath.” But it was so difficult to take a bath because continually he was shouting “Get out! Get lost!” Finally his wife knocked on the door — “What is the matter? Who is inside the bathroom? Are you alone?” He said, “I am alone.” “But then why are you shouting so loudly, get out, get lost?” He said, “About these monkeys….” The woman said, “You have gone mad. What monkeys? There are no monkeys here; keep quiet.” He said, “Strange. This woman has never been so hard on me, but in a way she is right because there is nobody in the bathroom. But to say that they are in my head looks even worse.” He sat in his worshipping place, but the monkeys were inside. He closed his eyes, they were sitting all around him. He said, “I have never thought that monkeys are so interested in me. Why are you bothering me? A few are inside the mind, and if I close my mind, a few are sitting all around me. They push me from this side and from that side, and giggling! I am a silent man, and this is not gentlemanly behaviour.” And again the wife looked into his worshipping place and she said, “With whom are you talking?” He said, “My God, now I have to explain something which I do not understand myself. Just don’t you disturb me tonight. Tomorrow morning I will go and I will see that old man.” The whole night he took showers many times, rubbed the soap as much as he could to clean himself, but there was no way. In fact, the bathroom was so full of monkeys that to make his way into the bathroom was difficult, to come out of the bathroom was difficult. And when he came back to his worshipping place they were sitting all over — even in his place a big monkey was sitting chanting om, om, om. That man said, “I cannot wait for morning.” It was midnight. He rushed to the temple, woke up the old man and told him, “What kind of mantra have you given to me?” He said, “I have told you, that was the condition. That’s why for so many years I have not told it to anybody — because that condition is unfulfillable. You simply drop this idea of miracles, and the monkeys will disappear.” The man said, “Just… I have come for that. I don’t want any miracles, I don’t want any secrets. Just please help me to get rid of these monkeys because they are sitting all over the place, and if I open my shop tomorrow they will be sitting all over the shop. I am a poor businessman. I got into the wrong business; this is not my business. You do your business but please, if you can help me….” The saint said, “There is no problem. If you drop the idea of miracles those monkeys will disappear. They are the guardians of the miracles.” If you try even for five minutes to stop thinking, more thoughts will rush in than ever — simply to show you that you are not the master. So first one has to get the mastery, and the way to become the master is not to say to the thoughts, “Stop.” The way to become the master is to watch the whole thought process. If the man had simply watched the monkeys, had allowed them to giggle, had allowed them to do whatsoever they were doing; if he had been simply a witness, those monkeys would have gone — seeing that this man seemed to be absolutely indifferent, not interested at all. Your thoughts have to understand one thing: that you are not interested in them. The moment you have made this point you have attained a tremendous victory. Just watch. Don’t say anything to the thoughts. Don’t judge. Don’t condemn. Don’t tell them to move. Let them do whatsoever they are doing, any gymnastics let them do; you simply watch, enjoy. It is just a beautiful film. And you will be surprised: just watching, a moment comes when thoughts are not there, there is nothing to watch. :>>

you have to fulfil that

May 5, 2009

Jesus is very much concerned about the future. He warns about other Masters coming in the future. “And beware of them,” he says, “because they will distract you; they will distract you from the path” — the path that he has shown. He is making sure that no follower is taken away from the fold even when he is gone. This is too much businesslike!  Jesus remained a little childish in his approach towards God. Buddha has a maturity, tremendous maturity. He is so mature that he can say there is no God. Existence is enough, more is not needed. There is no creator, creation is enough. Creation itself is divine creativity; it is the process of creativity. This fear of Jesus simply shows the fear of a Jew businessman! He is afraid his customers may to go somebody else. H is making sure that even in the future the customers never leave the shop! He will be gone, that much is certain, sooner or later he will be gone, but he is making sure that his priests will go on dominating the world; his representatives, his popes, will go on and on always dominating the world. The very idea to dominate the world, to change the whole world into Christianity, is in some subtle sense an ego trip, an ego number. But it is understandable from an unenlightened person; you cannot expect more than that.

The elderly millionaire emerged from his exclusive club feeling despondent and hopeless, and slowly climbed into his limousine. “Where to, sir?” asked hi. “Drive off a cliff, James,” was the reply. “I am committing suicide!”


psychological barriers can be removed

May 1, 2009

Two laws are rooted in one primordial law. They are part of one law, two aspects of one law. In China that law is called TAO, in India that law is called DHAMMA, in Greece that law is called LOGOS, Jews have called it TORAH. It is the SAME law.  Science and technology have brought people very close. All the barriers, at least the physical barriers, are removed. Now the second step can be taken: psychological barriers can be removed.

You are a house without any light. The ordinary state of man is that of a mechanical functioning: HOMO MECHANICUS. Only in the name are you a man — otherwise, just a trained, skilful machine, and whatsoever you do is going to be wrong. And remember, WHATSOEVER you do — even your virtues will not be virtues if you are unaware. How can you be virtuous when you are unaware? Behind your virtue will come a great, enormous ego — it is bound to be so. Even your saintliness, practised, cultivated with great labour and effort, is futile! Because it will not bring simplicity, and it will not bring humbleness, and it will not bring that great experience of the divine which happens only when the ego has disappeared. You will live a respectable life as a saint, but as poor as everybody else — inwardly rotten, inwardly a meaningless existence. It is not life, it is only vegetating. Your sins will be sins, your virtues will also be sins. Your immorality will be immorality, your morality will also be immorality.