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accustomed to postponing

September 29, 2009

Once you know yourself, you don’t care about others. Even if the whole world forgets you it does not matter, it does not even make the slightest difference to you; or the whole world can know — that too does not give you any ego. You know ego is false, and to depend on the false is to make houses on the sand, without foundation. Your personalities are almost signatures on water. You have not even signed, and they disappear.
Music comes from the beyond. You cannot claim any monopoly, any copyright on it. In deep love a synchronicity happens.
If you enjoy it today, you can enjoy it tomorrow too. Why postpone it? Postponement is a disease of the mind; it always goes on saying, “Tomorrow”… particularly for significant things. Any trivia and rubbish it will do today, the significant can be done tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes: all that comes is always today. And if you have become accustomed to postponing for tomorrow, you have postponed your life completely.
I have never felt that there is any deep love, respect, feeling, emotion.